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Choosing the right lender can be frightening!
Can you trust those companies that advertise really low interest rates on the internet? 
If you know what to look for it is possible to find a bank, credit union or online company you can trust. 
I recently helped a couple by comparing worksheets from four different lenders to find the LENDER that was the best fit for themBEFORE applying for their loan."
Here are 4 attributes of a lender you can trust:
  1. CLARITY. A good lender explains things in plain English clearly spelling out how to qualify, what the loan terms are, and how the application process works.
  2. TRANSPARENCY.  All lenders have to disclose the annual percentage rate – the sum of interest and all fees – on a loan, but good lenders go a step further to break down upfront charges, late fees and the total cost of the loan in dollars.
  3. AFFORDABILITY. All reputable lenders pull your credit information, check your current debt and ask for your income to see whether you can afford to repay the loan. A good lender gives you a loan amount that closely matches your financial need.
  4. TRUSTWORTHINESS. The best way to identify a reputable lender and company is to learn about others’ experiences through online searches and by asking friends and family. Good lenders should have positive reviews from independent consumer advocacy websites or product comparison websites, along with strong user testimonials on social media websites.               
I want to be your guide! If you or someone you know has been worried about the steps you must take to purchase a new home and get a loan have them contact me. 
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