Compare Some Key Benefits of Buying vs Renting

When considering whether to buy or rent a home there is a lot to think about. It is puzzling to try and fit all of the pieces together to complete your PICTURE!  



  5 questions to ask yourself before deciding on buying or renting

  1. Will you be raising children, and if so, does an apartment or condo renting make sense?                         
  2. How much can you can afford, and can you really afford to buy?
  3. How much other debt do you have?  Do you have student loans? Credit card debt? 
  4. What else could you invest in right now with your down payment money?
  5. Are you buying simply because your friends are doing it?



  • Creates possible long term wealth accumulation
  • Has tax advantages
  • There is the possibility of rental investment income
  • Generates a greater feeling of security and stability
  • With interest rates still low it may be cheaper to buy than pay high monthly rental rates
  • Real estate as an asset has performed better than any other asset type in the last 30 years




  • No downpayment is required
  • No worry about mortgage commitments
  • You do not need to worry about the cost of house and property maintenance
  • Many buildings and condo complexes have fitness centers and swimming pools
  • No worry of a real estate market collapse

Once you have thought it through and are confident about your choice, feel good about what you’re doing. Being positive is a must for anyone!



Let me be your guide if you or someone you know needs help with making this decision to buy vs rent!  




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