When a lender tells your buyer there are NO CLOSING costs for the loan they are getting can this be true?
Let's find out why interest rates are different.....the closing costs associated with a loan.....and who pays for what.

Knowledge is Confidence!
You have told your client to compare the interest rates and fees of different lenders and they run across one who mentions they can offer them a loan with NO CLOSING costs and they are amazed....and think “WOW” that will save us a bunch of money!!. They ask themselves "Why are some lenders so different?" This leaves them confused and not sure who to trust. Are these company's employees working for FREE?
Your homebuyer tries to find the best deal themselves by looking online and calling random lenders to try to save money as they shop for their home. The problem is that they do not understand what they need to know to make a fair comparison. While they thought they had found a deal TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE they might actually end up spending more money and paying more interest over the life of their loan.
Comparing one mortgage to another isn’t as easy as just comparing interest rates. To make a fair comparison one needs to compare three major components of a loan's price~~~interest rate, discount points, and closing costs.
I've gathered a lot of experience over the past 25 years and would love to share it with someone ready to buy their first home....or who needs a refresher course  because it has been years since they have gone through the loan process. 
I can help your clients understand and compare lenders' rates and fees leaving them more confident in choosing the right lender.   
I will help your client NAVIGATE THE HOME LOAN PROCESS.....
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